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Terms of Use

2024 Terms of Use policies

When you purchase files through this agree to adhere to the terms of use and policies laid out here. Failure to comply with the terms will result in a cease and desist as well as you/your shop being blacklisted and banned from purchasing and getting permission to use revoked from previous purchases.

Credit when you are posting your products are always very welcome and very much appreciated, but it is not a requirement to using my files.

Commercial license is NOT included in the price of any of the files. Fabric shops MUST purchase

a suitable commercial license in addition to the files, otherwise you will not have permission to sell fabric or vinyl featuring any of the files.

No commercial license is needed for personal use, or if you are a small handmade business/ maker selling handcrafted items. Examples are, but not limited to, sewing and selling handbags, wallets, backpacks, clothing, bookcovers, or if you use the files to hand-sublimate/press on mugs, tumblers or fabric to be used in a finished handcrafted item.

License and Extended license is only valid for the shop that originally purchased the files and the

commercial. Files and licenses can not be transferred to other shops should the business disband, turned into other shops, or the transfer of employees.

The commercial licenses are only valid for small buisnesses. Send an email to with licensing inquires if you are a larger company or corporation interested in using my work. Pricing for this will be agreed upon on a case by case basis, depending on project and extent of production.

For small handmade business


  • Use the files to sell or distribute digital products in any way.
  • Alter the files in any way (get in touch with me if you have any needs beyond what it offered in the shop and we can work something out).
  • Post the files online without obscuring/watermarking them in some way.
  • Upload the files to ANY print on demand site, including but not limited to redbubble,TeePublic, printful, spoonflower, society6.
  • Manufacture and sell stickers, patches, pins, prints etc using elements from the files.
  • Wholesale Wholesale or mass-produce items without getting in touch with me first to obtain a suitable license for the project.
  • Make and sell sublimated fabric/vinyl panels featuring the files as a standalone product
  • Copy, remake or trace the files
  • Share the files with anyone else but the fabric shop you use to custom print your fabrics/vinyls
  • Claim the designs as your own
  • Use the files as part of your branding


  • Have fabrics shops print custom fabric and vinyl/faux leather for you
  • Make and sell finished clothing, bags, hand sublimated/pressed items etc
  • Add text/names to custom handmade sublimation projects etc
  • Make and sell finished products freely without additional license as long as you still qualify as a small handmade business

For fabric shops


  • Print, sell or take pre-orders for any fabric/vinyl without the purchase of a commerciallicense
  • Post the files online without obscuring or watermarking them in some way.
  • Sell digital products.
  • Copy, remake or trace the files.
  • Produce or manufacture other types of products with the files, or elements of the files, like transfers, stickers, hardware etc. If you are interested in producing matching hardware like webbing, zipper tape-/pulls, magnets etc, get in touch with me and we can definitely work.
  • Claim the designs as your own (unless I have made something exclusive for you with an agreement that says you can do so).


  • Sell fabric and vinyl/faux leather featuring the files, provided you have a suitable commercial license in place for the number of files purchased.
  • Take pre-orders for fabric/vinyl and outsource manufacturing
  • Print fabrics in-house
  • Scale the files as you see fit, and offer a variety of scales to suit different projects and customers needs

Commercial license

For fabric shops to be allowed to sell fabrics and vinyl featuring any of the files for sale a commercial license must be purchased in addition to the file(s).

As long as there is a commercial license in place for each file purchased there is no hard limit on how much can be produced and sold of each file. Providing the fabric shop still qualifies as a small business.

There are 4 options for commercial licensing.

Option 1

Covers commercial use and commercial license for 1 (one) file.

Option 2

Covers commercial use and commercial license for up to 10 (ten) files.

Option 3

Covers commercial use and commercial license for up to 30 (thirty) files.

Option 4

Covers commercial use and commercial license for all files available, including future drops.

None of the commercial license options includes any files.

All files must be purchased IN ADDITION to the license.


Everything in this shop is digital products immediately available to you as the customer upon purchasing. No refunds, exchanges or returns will not be accepted due to the nature of the products. If an error should occur with your file or if you have any issues at all with your file, contact me via email and I will help you.


To make sure that the files will still be somewhat exclusive and not suddenly found everywhere they are all limited in quantity. Most files will have maximum of 5 available, small handmade shop

and fabric shop combined. That way you know that you will have something to offer that not everyone else has access to, at least not right away. Small businesses have to stick together and

give each other advantages where we can!

If a file sells out it will remain sold out and put in the vault for at least a year. Some might be brought back for a limited quantity run later on, or other color variants of them, but most will be


If you want to secure something for your collection, don’t delay!

Do you have any questions? Send an email to and I will get back to

you as soon as possible!