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I am the sole showrunner behind the show called Anima Defessus Art&Design. In the real world I go by the name Laila, and I am an artist/designer from Bergen, Norway.

I am passionate about creating in general, a day without being creative feels like a day wasted. I tend to lean towards the dark and weird subjects, both with what I make and what I consume of films, tv, books and games.

Other than creating seamless pattersn/surface pattern designs, I also design and make a lot of pins, stickers, patches, keychains etc. I currently don't have a webshop set up for that at the moment, but my goal is to offer both files and the various physical accessories and decorations I make.

When it comes to how I create I'm a big fan of following the impulses and focus on whatever strikes my fancy in the moment. My best work is done when I am allowed to let my mind wander. I am always researching topics and planning things out in my head.

I have been making pattern designs for a few years now but I have mostly been uploading them to print on demand sites. Then I discovered how fun sewing is around summer 2023, and things kind of blew up from there. I went from trying to figure out what to do with the proofing swatches from my Spoonflower shop instead of letting them collect dust, to trying out bag patterns and ordering custom hardware in the span of a couple of months.

The addiction got even worse when I discovered the gamechanging world of custom fabric and vinyl printing beyond Spoonflower. I got really inspired to create even more seamless patterns I could use to sew up the bags and accessories of my dreams. Still working on my sewing skills, but having a lot of fun learning new things.

I have shared a few bag creations online that have been very well recieved - so I decided to open up my own seamless file shop so other people can use what I create as well.

I absolutely can't wait to see what kind of magic you create. Make sure to follow me on social media and tag me in your creations, I would love to see my art in the wild!

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